Let us guide you on a tour of the wonders in our universe. Journey from the earth to the moon; discover lunar mountains, valleys, canyons, craters, and highlands in breathtaking detail. Massive Jupiter, 500 million miles distant, comes alive through the eyepiece of a telescope. Colorful belts, bands, swirls, the Great Red Spot, and the 4 Galilean moons are easily visible. Multiple eclipses of Jupiter by its moons can be viewed in real-time. Saturn, a billion miles distant, is one of the most beautiful objects in the heavens. The ring system and moons can be seen clearly with our telescopes. At distances in the 100's of trillions of miles, the closest stars to the Earth shine like Jewels. Join Stellar Adventures as we reveal the wonders of the universe to you and your group. Expand your horizons!

Tour Time 3-4 Hours

All Guests $185 Per Person       Request a tour

• Includes resort pick-up in most cases
Includes snacks and beverages
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