Stellar Adventures prides itself on being one of the first Arizona Hummer tour companies in the valley. Because of this experience and our access to the Arizona national forests we are proud to offer several excursions to suite the level of adventure you seek.

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About the Hummer

If there's serious off-road work to be done, either in a military role or in the civilian world, the Hummer is in a class by itself. The truth of the matter? Hummer can do things no other wheeled vehicle can do. For serious off-roading when you need to get up that hill, across that battlefield, or through that snow there's only one 4x4.

One of the first things you'll notice about the military or civil Hummer is that it doesn't look like any other conventional 4x4 vehicle. It's wider, has greater ground clearance, yet has an overall lower silhouette. While it may not be pretty, the design is functional and based on rigorous military standards that allow the vehicle to survive in a wartime environment and results in the Hummer's tremendous performance capabilities off-road.

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